1. Brain development and brain structure

Human brain comprised of neurons which are form modulars (modular segregation or brain networks) through activities and experiences. Since childhood, neurons which have similar function will connect and form group called modular to perform specific function. These modulars are linked with each other to connect, signal transmission, and processing. Effective and efficient modular segregation and wiring or networking come from the use of the brain which function we perform. With effective modular segregation and high density of connection between brain network, those person will have effective brain, especially executive function (EF) skills, needed for daily life and success. Human brain can produce neurons even we become old, though the rate of production is very low compare to childhood. However, the new neurons cannot function or integrated into brain network or modular. We have to train those neurons to embedded their functions. Doing so will make new neurons connect and integrated to brain network with similar function. Failing to do so will make new neurons die out. With no new neurons replacing death neurons, elders have many brain problems and functions. This is why elder have to do something to activated their brain.
2. How 1 TO 5 QUANTUM help brain development, improvement and activation.

1 TO 5 QUANTUM is a highly effective instrument for brain activation and development. It activates and improve many brain networks, for example Central Executive Network (CEN), visual system, auditory system, language network, etc. Especially CEN, which is responsibled for our executive function (EF) skills which is the skills needed for living in daily life and success in education and work. The key is 1 TO 5 QUANTUM activates and connects brain networks, activates and integrates new neurons into brain networks, enhance concentration/focus, etc. so it is very effective method to improve EF skills for children and adults, reduce or mitigate brain damage such as patient who has stroke, reduce or mitigate mental illness such as ADHD, depression, alzheimers, or other mental illnesses related to neuron or neuronconnection damage. 1 TO 5 QUANTUM also enhance our attention and focus which is equivalent to meditation. 1 TO 5 QUANTUM different from other programs. As for music academy, 1 TO 5 QUANTUM is not music academy, it is brain activation, development and improvement program, not music academy. The key different between music academy, especially piano academy, and 1 TO 5 QUANTUM is music academy emphasize on music practice which is not the effective way for brain activation and improvement. The reason is music academy emphasize participant to practice and memorize the way to play each note.
So practitioner who is an expert to play that note will not activate or improve brain because when playing piano note with expertise it does not use CEN but use Defualt Network (DN) which is not the brain network associate with EF skills. Compare to 1 TO 5 QUANTUM, participants do not need to practice, only read note and play note follow by 1 TO 5 QUANTUM medthod. This encourage the use of CEN. If participant used to that note, we change note to ensure that participants will not play note with accustom to it. Also, 1 TO 5 QUANTUM is easy to learn and play.
Compare to other brain activation institutes or methods, 1 TO 5 QUANTUM has an edge because 1 TO 5 QUANTUM can activate and improve many parts of the brain, CEN, visual system, auditory system, language system, etc. Moreover, it is suitable for all of people, children, teenagers, adults, elder, patients, and organization. Other competitor usually focus on specific customer. The most advantage of 1 TO 5 QUANTUM compared to other methods is that 1 TO 5 QUANTUM is easy to franchised. Only 1 TO 5 QUANTUM notes are needed for other branches.

How does 1 to 5 QUANTUM Work Therapeutically?
1 to 5 QUANTUM method of musical therapy is classified by psychologists and psychia- trists as a form of visual motor auditory (VMA) mapping training. The theory is that it will likely engage and possibly strengthen a multi-sensory frontoparietal network of regions and pathways in the brain that respond to visual, auditory and motor representations of the same action, and sensory motor feedback.

In simpler terms, 1 to 5 Piano Therapy is a brain training exercise and an active meditation (or dynamic meditation) process that can be used for improving mental and physical health, through regular practice.

Medical studies have linked various disorders with over activity or faulty neurological wiring in the default mode network of the brain.

1 TO 5 QUANTUM Shows Effectiveness in Various Mental Disorder, Mental Illness

  • Depression Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Psychosis
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Dementia
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Autistic Disorder or Autism
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Learning Disorder
  • Develop and improve executive function skills, language skill, etc.
Dr. Siriwat Thiptaradol
Former Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health
Dr. Atapol Sughondhabirom, M.D.
Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
Dr. Wiroj Trakarnwijitr
Director of Medical Affairs, Nakornthon Hospital

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